Carl I. Hagen challenged Ministers Freiberg and Elvestuen in the Storting on matters from the Environment magazine

Carl I. Hagen took up several issues and moments from the Environment magazine 1-2019 Wind power from the Storting's lectern on Wednesday 4 December 2019.

Miljømagasinet 1-2019 was distributed to all Storting representatives immediately after the opening of the Storting on 2 October this year. The politicians have now had time to review the content.

Carl I. Hagen's speech came already the day after Oil and Energy Minister Kjell-Børge Freibergs visit to Haramsøy where he was confronted with the citizens' frustration over the highly controversial and imminent wind power development of Zephyr.

Carl I. Hagen began his speech with this:

I saw on TV yesterday that the oil and energy minister was visiting Haram municipality in Møre og Romsdal, where there was a violent local protest against plans for wind power.

Let me first say that I am very happy that the Government and the Minister of Oil and Energy have stopped the licensing process for all the projects that have been discussed, that have been applied for, pending better information. It is positive.

Furthermore, he took out Miljømagsinet 1-2019 Wind power and said further:

I would like to draw attention to a magazine, Miljømagasinet, which is from the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association, where they go through this with wind power.

There are many who in this debate have talked about renewable energy as a kind of alternative to the life-giving gas CO2, which comes from various other energy production – very little in Norway, but from many other countries.

Here, the Environmental Protection Association has considered the claims about wind power, and they come up with some juicy counter-claims and say that this is an environmental threat and climate burden, i.e. the exact opposite of what the supporters of renewable energy say.

"One subtitle is: "Nature is sacrificed for money". It is clear that nature is being sacrificed, not for us here in Oslo, but for those who live in District Norway."

Alternative energy sources you enter, geothermal energy as well as of course upgrading of many hydropower plants.

There, I would ask both ministers to contribute to more equal conditions for the various energy sources when it comes to tax rules and levy rules and depreciation rules, so that we can have alternatives against each other as to what is profitable. Then you must have the same framework conditions.

They go into the environmental movement and the green certificates, which have imposed increased electricity prices on the population of Norway to finance what I call the climate madness.

There is also the authorities' bluff with climate figures that are reviewed, the administration's bankruptcy, collusion and corruption - these are very serious accusations, and it is certainly also the case that some wind power operators have bought themselves goodwill.

Low frequency noise

Very gratifying that Carl I. Hagen sees the problems surrounding low-frequency noise and infrasound. Until now, this has been completely overlooked by our authorities and is neither measured nor a condition in wind power concessions.

It is just as much a problem for those who live near a wind power plant and are affected. Here, it is important to get good regulations in place, and quickly.

Carl I. Hagen challenged Climate and Environmental Protection Minister Ola Elvestuen on this.

"There are also other things I will be allowed to challenge. In particular, I would like to request that the Elvestuen ministry look into getting rules for low-frequency noise, which today has no upper limit, and which is necessary."

At the same time, it is now important that we follow up on this challenge and demand that the Minister for the Environment draw up good guidelines for this.

Both ministers are challenged

In conclusion, both ministers, Freiberg and Elvestuen, were challenged to find fault in the Environment magazine.

I would like to challenge both ministers to clarify, preferably in writing, what is wrong in the articles that appear in the Environmental Magazine of the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association.

It may well be that it is not correct, but it would be very interesting to see a refutation of what is in this, in my opinion, very good booklet.

We thank Carl I. Hagen for taking a good look at the wind power issue and raising it to the Storting. As all Storting representatives have received Miljømagasinet 1-2019, we will at the same time use the opportunity to challenge more politicians to come forward around the topics and issues we highlight in our magazine.

Ref.: Storting Wednesday 4 December 2019 at 10.00

Read the entire Miljømagasinet here:

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