Censorship and secrecy of consultation responses

It is reprehensible that certain public authorities find it opportune to censor and keep secret consultation responses that have content that these public authorities are not comfortable letting citizens read. It must (should) be expected that public authorities have such control over incoming consultation responses that they do not, in the event of a "slip", overlook and forget to publish the consultation responses received from the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association.

Member and co-author Rune Birger Nilsen is thanked for making NMF aware that Rogaland County Municipality and the Norwegian Environment Agency had tried to keep NMF's consultation response secret from the public. NMF appealed the case to the higher administrative body.

Attached is an apology from Rogaland County Council because the County Council/Environmental Directorate had overlooked, and thereby "forgot" to publish the Norwegian Environment Protection Association's (NMF) consultation statement on the Water Portal.

The NMF's consultation response, which was initially tried to be kept secret and censored away from the other consultation responses, can now be read here:

Vannportalen - Consultation of the planning program and main challenges has now ended

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