Miljømagasinet 2019-1 Wind power available for download

Miljømagasinet 1-2019 Wind power is now available for download.

This theme issue on wind power covers several aspects of wind power development in Norway. It has for some time now been available in printed form, and has now also been made available for download.

  • Green certificates and the environmental movement
  • Environmental campaign is useful
  • Climate accounting for wind power
  • Noise and low-frequency infrasound
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Norwegian energy policy and the relationship with Europe
  • Wind power propaganda
  • Norwegian administration's failed policy and unfortunate connections
  • The democracy that disappeared
  • The environment's poor legal protection
  • Smølaliripa
  • National framework for wind power

The magazine has 68 pages packed with up-to-date information on wind power, problems with management and adverse environmental consequences.


Download the magazine (PDF).

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