The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency sharpens its knives: Together we stop the wind industry.

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association (NMF) looks with horror at the extent and pace at which the Norwegian landscape is being sacrificed for large land-consuming and not least unnecessary wind turbine plants. NMF and our many volunteers around Norway have for almost 15 years stood on the barricades to stop such projects, to the benefit of nature and people. Fortunately, several licensing cases have been stopped as a result of our work, and we have managed to save some of Norway's beautiful natural areas from development.

For us as an environmental organisation, there is something fundamentally wrong with developing and destroying such large natural areas as the wind industry requires in order to extract a product that our nation does not need. The truth is that we already produce more than we consume. Development of wind power in Norway is only about money for developers and power speculators, not the environment. The wind industry in Norway sails under one of the falsest environmental flags of modern times!

NMF was the first organization to stand on the barricades against the wind industry in Norway almost 15 years ago and in the first years stood alone against developers, industry, authorities and not least, other environmental organisations. This at a time when several of the other organizations were actually working to get the support schemes (green certificates and tax and duty exemptions) introduced that have now unfortunately become the driving force behind the new Klondike atmosphere that now prevails in the wind power industry. Now, however, the vast majority of dedicated environmental organizations have turned around and realized that the wind industry has nothing positive to offer either for the nation or the environment. Some have been on the right side all along, while others have now fortunately turned around. Let Naturen Leve, the Nature Conservancy, the Ornithological Association, DNT, and others are now standing with us in a common front against the wave of expansionism the wind industry is pushing across the country.
This makes us very happy!

At the same time that many environmental organizations have formed a common front against the massive development plans, the development pressure has grown enormously and no areas are safe. The Environmental Protection Association is still at the forefront of the fight against this destruction of nature and is getting ready to intensify the fight as the pressure from new development cases has now become massive from both Norwegian administrative authorities and from both Norwegian and international energy companies and investor groups.

We have therefore felt compelled to expand capacity in this area and have employed two more case managers on the wind power case, Arnfinn Nilsen and Ragna Heffermehl.


Meet Arnfinn Nilsen

Arnfinn has a burning interest in nature and nature conservation and, in addition, competence and experience from previous jobs and education which will be a strength for the wind power case and for the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association as an organisation. He will work from our head office in Skuteviksbodene, Bergen and from his home in Sandnes.

I have been interested in nature and what moves in nature for as long as I can remember. We had a family place by the sea and my parents were very keen to take me and my sister out on various walks in nature as often as possible. Throughout my upbringing, I was out a lot and it was probably as difficult to get myself in in the evenings as it is to get children to detach themselves from the PlayStation and go out these days.

I became involved in nature conservation early on in my youth, while the major watercourse cases were at their worst, and have followed closely and got involved in several cases throughout.

As a member for many years, I have followed the Environmental Protection Association's fight against the wind industry and efforts in a number of environmental fields and am very grateful for the opportunity to now become part of the team that fights to preserve what I am so fond of!

As a keen nature photographer, I am also an active user of nature and see how important nature is for both body and mind. Like most Norwegians, we have all grown up with beautiful nature right on our doorstep, almost wherever we have lived in this country. Unfortunately, this is no longer a matter of course for many of us. We are losing more and more nature in the signs of development and the interventions are increasing both in dimensions and scope. The wind power case is the one that takes hold, and changes the natural landscape most dramatically and in the shortest possible time. It has been frustrating and painful to stand on the sidelines and watch this development, and it feels good to now be able to devote all my time to the fight for nature, the environment and local communities across this beautiful country.

Arnfinn Nilsen – wind power case manager
Direct: 55 30 67 08 mob: 952 67 007 Mail:


Meet Ragna Heffermehl

Ragna is passionately committed and will contribute to the fight against wind power. She also works to raise awareness of the harmful effects of radiation from wireless technology. In contrast to wind power, this is an invisible but major environmental threat, which it is very important to combat before 5G is rolled out across Norway, Europe and the world.

I have always been a nature lover, and was shocked when I realized how many wind turbines are actually planned to be built in Norway. I found that out by chance in connection with the network company having to install a smart meter in my house. They messed up suspiciously a lot - did they really think they could force it on everyone as one in this country?

As a fairly health-conscious person, I have long been aware of the health hazard associated with EMF (electromagnetic radiation). I was not aware of the incredible amount of research that actually documents health risks until I started investigating myself. My child's school had acquired PCs with no storage space - which means wireless internet is used all the time.

Then I sat down and looked for documentation to the headmaster, who replied that he was only concerned with the limit values of the DSA. So, despite all the documentation that the limit values should be drastically lowered, he did not take personal responsibility for evaluating the research himself. That people do not think for themselves, and do not take personal responsibility in such important matters, is one of the things that amazes me the most in this world. It is ethically indefensible to act against one's better knowledge, and there is no excuse for DSA's current refusal to accept the research.

The seriousness of wireless networks therefore led me to a lot more writing in social media - and finally here to NMF, where I will work in a part-time position fighting wind turbines and 5G, and raising awareness of the health hazards of radiation from mobile phones and wireless networks. I get a lot of inquiries from committed people, and I hope and believe that we can gather all the zealots to inform the population and force DSA to take responsibility.
I am educated in fluid mechanics at the University of Oslo, and have worked as a teacher in science, physics and maths at junior and senior high schools.

Ragna Heffermehl – case manager for wind power, smart meters and 5G
Direct: 55 30 67 02 mob: 481 19 462 Mail:


We have no more nature to lose. Nature cannot be produced. It can only be taken care of or lost. In any case, together with my new colleagues in the Environmental Protection Association, I will do my part to ensure that we keep as much as possible, both for those of us who are alive now, and for our descendants. We are now getting ready to stop the planned large-scale development of Norwegian nature and I also hope you will join us on the team. We need members who care in their backs to win this battle.
Together, I am convinced that we can stop the wind industry from destroying Norway!

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