NMF congratulates Hunton on a new factory for the production of short-distance and environmentally friendly wood fiber insulation in Gjøvik!

The construction industry is innovative and increasingly focuses on environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Material selection, service life and CO2 accounting are getting an increasing focus. For all our years, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has therefore worked extensively and closely with the construction industry and closely monitors and evaluates many new products.

- It has therefore been a pleasure for us to be able to follow Hunton on the path towards full-scale Norwegian production of environmentally friendly wood fiber insulation products made from Norwegian raw materials, announced the head of the Swedish Environmental Protection Association Kurt Oddekalv after being present at the opening of the new 3,200 square meter factory in Gjøvik on 12.03 .19.

Our first practical experience with wood fiber insulation was gained by the Environmental Protection Association when we used blown insulation from Hunton for the restoration of our regional office in Tromsø, and have since had the pleasure of using wood fiber insulation in a number of our projects. We are very satisfied with the product in every way and therefore recommend it to all our contacts.

Minister of Food and Agriculture Olaug Bollestad and chairman Frederik W. Mowinckel in Hunton. Image taken from www.bygg.no

For us, until now, a piece of joy has been that the products have been produced far away, but now, with full production in Norway and made from short-grown spruce chips from the interior, we see this as a perfectly environmentally friendly product that we hope will find its place in construction projects throughout Scandinavia. Now that all production of Nativo Trefiberisolation has moved home to Gjøvik, the insulation has also been given Hunton's own quality mark "Norwegian made". This is confirmation that the insulation is made from wood chips from Norwegian forests - a renewable, short-lived and sustainable raw material. Exactly what we at the Environmental Protection Association have hoped, advised and waited for.

- As a business owner, you have a great responsibility, not only for our employees, our neighbours, customers and suppliers, but also for future generations. We take the environmental and climate challenges very seriously in Hunton, while at the same time making money, said Frederik W. Mowinckel, chairman of Hunton, during the opening of the factory. This is how we at the Environmental Protection Association see it, exactly the environmental profile that many companies today lack, where the one-sided focus is exclusively on profit.

In the autumn of 2016, construction began on the 3,200 square meter production facility in Skjerven industrial park in Gjøvik. Materials such as solid wood and wood fiber insulation are used in the building. The opening of the Norwegian factory is an important milestone in Hunton's 130-year history with great significance for the Norwegian export industry and local value creation in the hinterland.

The production facility itself has a capacity of up to 36,000 tonnes of short-distance wood fiber insulation per year, both in the form of insulation mats and blown insulation. The long-term goal is to reach a turnover of NOK 250-300 million per year at full capacity.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency congratulates Hunton on its new factory and looks forward to following the company's success further!

Video from the opening: Hunton Fiber video

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