Steadfast: Unheard of by Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Transport Minister Knut Arild Hareide to ignore the political process in Vestland County Council

By: Kurt Oddekalv and Roald Kvamme

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It is unheard of for Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Minister of Transport Knut Arild Hareide to ignore the political process in Vestland County Council. This is false news where they serve election meat without credibility. They could have come up with the money a long time ago, they have failed and have zero credibility. They destroy ordinary people's trust in politicians and our democratic institutions.

Stop "Hordfast", Norway's biggest nature intervention in modern times!

Hordfast is a road project on the E39 between Os and Stord. A 55 km new 4-lane motorway with a 110 km speed limit will be built, 8 km of bridges including the world's longest floating bridge over the Bjørnafjorden length 5.5 km, a new motorway over Tysnes with several bridges through untouched and protected nature, a new bridge between Tysnes and Stord over Langenuen with a length of 1.7 km and a total of 19 km with tunnels.

It will cost close to NOK 40 billion or NOK 727 million. per km road. Today, car traffic is around 3,000 per day on the stretch. This is expected to increase to 15,000 per day when the project is paid off. In comparison, there are 45,000 cars per year. 24 hours on the motorway from Åsane towards the center of Bergen, which is designed for an 80 km speed limit and has a lower standard.

8 facts about the consequences of Hordfast and the ferry-free road between Stord and Os:

  1. The biggest natural disasters in Hordaland in modern times. Covers 40 important nature types of national/international value for which Norway has special management responsibility.
  2. Destroys unique fjord landscape, irreplaceable outdoor areas and cultural monuments on Os, Tysnes and Stord.
  3. The most expensive and most complicated road project of all time, the cost estimates for a ferry-free road between Stord and Bergen have increased from 5 billion in 1999 to nearly 40 billion in 2019 - an eightfold increase.
  4. Record high toll financing. Increased from 7.5 billion to 17.4 billion net, if you add interest and collection costs, approximately 24 billion must be paid in tolls over 15 years.
  5. Undermining national objectives on the transfer of goods from road to sea and rail.
  6. Objective of quadrupling car traffic undermines the zero growth target in the Bergen area.
  7. Violates national climate objectives.

The project has a negative socio-economic benefit when one compares priced and non-priced consequences.

The destruction of nature will result in Norway breaking the UN Convention on Natural Diversity, the Natural Diversity Act, the Act on Cultural Heritage and national objectives in State Report 14 (2015-2016) Nature for life.

Stop Hordfast - get involved now!

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