The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association is establishing action groups against wind power across the country

For a long time, NMF has been fed up with the fact that the wind power barons have almost free rein to destroy and destroy our beautiful nature and species diversity, and destroy the people's health with the government's blessing, and has therefore decided to now put hard against hard.

We have seen that the usual democratic rules of the game do not work at all. NVE has failed in its social task as an administrative authority in many areas and areas, and many of the decisions do not seem to be within the framework or intentions of the law, and there is a long series of serious and grave issues that are now coming to the surface from an administration that have done most of it in secret.

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NMF therefore asks everyone who wants our help in the relevant places to contact us, so that we can put in place a group of people who are willing to go a little further than writing complaints, pointing out errors in case management, writing emails , and hope that legal processes will start, which we have now all seen do not work. At least not before the propellers spin and kill birds, and health and nature are already destroyed. Here you don't need more than 5-8 people who are willing to be part of a group that stands for the daily/weekly resistance, and who then leads other volunteers in the actions.

NMF's form of action is on several levels, and it is the local action groups that decide how much should, and must, be done to stop the destruction day by day.

Update: See our reasoning about the legal system further down.

Why do we do this?

The concession cases for the largest industrial development in Norwegian history are neither assessed for overall impact nor measured against our national or international goals, agreements, conventions or obligations. No total charge for facilities that have been built or licensed has ever been made. Despite the fact that this is in no way, either in size or scope, a single decision, NVE and OED have nevertheless treated and continue to treat each case separately from the others as a single decision. This is a completely incorrect application of the law.

Nor has NVE processed either incoming complaints or consultation input in a large number of cases where they have justified the decision in a "practice" and in "principle of equal treatment". With this, they appear as a purely illusory administrative and complaints body with neither democratic anchoring nor legitimacy. The word equal treatment, as NVE explains the decisions, means that all builders receive the same decision, regardless of the cases' different geographical or knowledge differences. One thus uses a blueprint for all matters and thus at the same time disregards the statutory rights of all municipalities, landowners, organizations and others. When OED later confirms NVE's unauthorized and illegal decision, OED's decision does not become more legitimate for that reason.

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The authorities' illegal management practices in which, among other things, open air areas, species diversity and public health are put at risk, and in which irreparable damage is inflicted on inalienable natural values, individuals and local communities for at least a whole generation to come, cannot be allowed to continue. Like other organisations, NMF has time and again written complaints about case management, sent in large consultation responses to license applications, reported contractors for dangerous work, and assisted the local resistance groups with such paperwork. Nothing seems to work, and the work to destroy our nature and species diversity continues in full force.

Due to the fact that this democratic work has not at all helped the local residents to stop the work that destroys both health, nature and outdoor areas where they live, NMF has therefore received questions from several people about assisting in other ways. NMF has had contact with several people who want to show their disgust with what is now happening with developments, and the projects that are waiting at the OED to get started.

NMF is therefore now starting up action groups all over the country where such developments have started, and where they may be started.

Action groups

The NMF can no longer sit idly by and watch as people's health is destroyed, nature is razed, the value of homes deteriorates, and that birds and animals are killed on foot in the name of the "green" shift.

These action groups, with NMF's help and guidance, will be willing to break Norwegian law through civil disobedience, or wise actionism, which we choose to call our form of action.

«Civil disobedience is offence or violations of other public provisions that are committed in full transparency, and because those who commit the offenses feel more obliged by other values and norms than those that form the basis of the law in question.»

For such situations, the legislation has a built-in safety valve, namely the principle of "emergency law" as enshrined in the Criminal Code.

§ 17. Emergency right
An act that would otherwise be punishable is legal when
a) den blir foretatt for å redde liv, helse, eiendom eller en annen interesse fra en fare for skade som ikke kan avverges på annen rimelig måte, og
b) denne skaderisikoen er langt større enn skaderisikoen ved handlingen.

Action groups, training and forms of action

NMF will assist with training and implementation of opposition with the aim of delaying, and preferably stopping, started projects with minimal, or preferably no, fines for shareholders, so that the politicians understand that wind power development on land in Norway, and in the relevant development areas, is against the people's will , and not least the will of nature. The main goal is to get the politicians to start thinking about their people's health, nature and species diversity, and to realize that such industrial developments in Norwegian nature are contrary to democracy, instead of what they are doing now, which is toying with the profit hunters in their pursuit of more money. The sub-goal is to delay the development as much as possible, in order to get as much attention as possible around the local development in your particular area.

NMF has gained extensive experience with such actions, and we know that such actions work.

How should this take place in practice?

These groups will get all the help they need from us at NMF, and we will come to you to conduct training in civil disobedience in our own way, as we have already done in some places. We do NOT use chain gangs, as this is the way the police and government know is used in such actions which we at NMF call politically correct actions. And it is horribly expensive, and the money from fining shareholders in chain gangs goes straight into the state coffers. We in the NMF have other, and much better, politically incorrect ways of physically taking action, which we believe we have proven at Frøya, where the NMF trained the resistance group for several months, and where the developer is 3 months. delayed according to themselves.

The relevant daily/weekly actions will be directly led by an action leader in NMF, either by presence when possible, or by telephone contact, and during the entire action day by day as long as the action group deems training necessary and needs tips on action forms which delays the work hour by hour, day by day.

How this is to take place in practice will be communicated during contact and during training of the action groups.

Update: We would like to specify here some of the reasons why we do not believe that legal proceedings will proceed:

NMF is also aware of Motvind and their penchant for litigation. We do not believe in this strategy. A lawsuit is just a lost cause, and at best just a short-term reprieve. We at NMF do not enter into legal proceedings to stop wind power and its ravages, it just doesn't work.

In the recently handed down district court judgment against the state at OED for Sandhaugen Vindkraftverk AS, the state was thus sentenced at OED to pay compensation for withdrawing NVE's previous agreement on a previously granted deadline extension.

The judge in the case, Frode Støle, was, before he became a district court judge, a partner in the law firm Kluge with energy matters as his special field and area of responsibility. For a number of years, he has worked for the same industry in which he now judges cases as a "neutral" district court judge.

The recent revelation that the incoming head of the Oil Fund, Nicolai Tangen, took a number of social leaders on the smear tour of the ages gives us a unique picture into a hidden world where people with positions in the power apparatus we are supposed to trust are easily led by fringe benefits and smearing. Even the government attorney willingly agreed to join this now famous smear ride.

The whole system is designed so that as long as we are obedient and follow the system and their rules of the game, they win - every single time. In a time of the greatest attack on natural diversity, the right of all, individuals, public health and local communities, we can no longer afford to follow the legal system. We simply cannot afford it. We also have no confidence that any such cases will receive any impartial or impartial treatment at all, and we rather have faith that such costly and lengthy processes will be particularly useful.

We at NMF are of course doing everything we can on several fronts and levels, but in the end it is only broad popular resistance and direct actions that can lead to progress and create attention to the issues. With the recent massive pressure with a number of decisions in OED and NVE under the guise of the corona situation, we are already past the crossroads where normal case processing seems to reach the deciding authorities.

It is only a broad popular resistance and actions that are useful...

Long experience in actionism

NMF is the organization in Norway that has the longest and best experience with actionism. With over 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to achieve results. Now is the time for concrete action, not for lengthy and expensive court cases.

So you are fed up with the developer pushing you away, and simply blowing yourself up while the tears fall for the destruction of nature in your natural area... Yes, then contact us at NMF.

We put the people and nature first, and will always be the spearhead and nature's mouthpiece in the resistance to the destruction that is now happening with the government's blessing. By phoning NMF, you will be put through to one of our action leaders who will register the group and agree on further progress.

Contact person actions: Arne Roger Hansen Tel. 91646762

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