Memorial words for Per Nordø

Per Nordø (1956 – 2019)

I want to thank you for having had so many good and creative years with Per. You could give him a case, and he always dug down to the bottom. Per was a man who hated injustice, when power stepped on a small man. He himself had experience in being this man.

In that respect, Per was a star. He started as a fishmonger and was characterized by herring and mackerel in the first time he worked for the Nature Conservancy. Per loyally followed when we established the Environmental Protection Association in 1993. He had a sharp brain, he actually had two brains, because his father was always involved in the battles. Therefore, it was easy to give Per flexible working hours recently, and he enjoyed enormous trust from the management. A human excavator, and a person you could always count on, who wouldn't give up until the injustice was uncovered, the exposure of the misuse of community money for massive road projects the community didn't need.

Per was deeply involved in the wind power case. When you know the political game, you can also work on several types of cases. He had a great love for nature and was a real idealist. He had a fondness for Oselvaren, so we have also called our newly acquired Oselvar "Peren".

Per will be deeply missed by all who have a love for life.

Kurt Oddekalv
Leader and all employees, volunteers and representatives of the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association

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