Stop in reception of sewage sludge

Photo: Sewage sludge landfill at Bølstad in Ås municipality.


In an email from the Head of Agriculture in Follo, it is stated that the owner of the initiative in Ås municipality has stopped receiving sewage sludge until further notice. This comes as a consequence of NMF and neighbours' involvement in the matter

In the email it is said, among other things;
"We can inform you that the owner of the measure has stopped the introduction of sludge to the site in question on his own initiative. We would like to note that this does not concern the disposal of sewage sludge, but a transshipment site / temporary storage for sludge approved for use on the agricultural land of an agricultural business unit. We have sent the case to the County Governor in Oslo and Viken for a new assessment in relation to the questions raised by a neighbour's lawyer. The Follo agricultural office is awaiting the county governor's processing of the case."

Sewage sludge transported from Bergen threatens drinking water
According to what NMF is aware of, some of the sludge comes from Bergen as a result of a ban on the spreading of sludge along forest roads. A case NMF previously took care of. There is a fear that environmental toxins and other dangerous substances will spread, e.g. to sources of drinking water, which has caused the NMF to become involved in the case.

Does not have the resources to document runoff from the sludge landfill
The following can be read from an email from the head of agriculture in Follo;

Hello -
Here you have an analysis report from water samples taken by Ås municipality at the Wetlesen sludge site. You can see an explanation from Municipal Engineering here:
"Attached are the analysis results for 3 sampling points.

    • Sample 1 - stream, I took the "outlet" from the gravel ditch, where water flowed out from a drainage pipe on the other side of the gravel road up to the landfill.
    • Sample 2 I took right on the upper side of the bridge as "upstream" and presumably unaffected by any runoff from the landfill.
    • Sample 3 I took "downstream" of the bridge, a little further down, but before the sampling point for withdrawals. Bølstadfilling.

These results should be seen in connection with the results from analyzes on the sludge itself, but we must remember that the analysis methods cannot necessarily be compared directly since they can be different in terms of fraction, water and sludge. We do not know if there is an influence from the subsoil/woodland around and what, if any, values we have there without soil samples being taken in suitable places? Even if we have taken an upstream sample, it may have an influence from other elements further up or from adjacent areas towards the stream. And then, as a sampler, I can be a possible source of error, but I was careful so I don't think it will be a problem.
If we had received a good professional assessment of possible runoff from the landfill, we would have had a small project going on for some time, and the finances for it."
In addition, a product declaration for the sludge that is temporarily stored on the site is attached. When it comes to the issue of exhaust gases, you may have to contact the treatment plants. We have looked at the collection system for surface water. It must be sanded a little to ensure that it is tight. We have recommended Wetlesen to contact NIBIO to obtain a professional assessment of the facility.
With best regards
Lars Martin Julseth

NMF is now awaiting processing by the County Governor. Furthermore, we will take a closer look at the regulations that are currently applied to both the deposition of sludge, but also the spreading of sludge on land. The latter is the case in the Follo region.

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