NMF action against Dynea - demands that Dynea clean up poison from the Brånåsen landfill

Dynea - photo Lisbeth Andresen Romerike Blad

Requires chemical analysis of the rubbish dump in Brånåsdalen

For decades, residents have been exposed to e.g. the gases Benzene (no lower limit for when carcinogenic), Methane and Hydrogen sulphide. Many have very likely suffered health damage.

Pottesur Director of Dynea met the campaigners from the Environmental Protection Association

The director of Dynea didn't like the action very much and was very angry at the meeting with the Environmental Protection Association and the press. It is rarely (fortunately) that we encounter the kind of downward spiral in environmental matters. The director has also admitted that dumping has taken place over many years, and the action on 29 September was probably an unpleasant reminder of old toxic sins.

In an action against Dynea in Lillestrøm today, shareholders from NMF stopped transport to and from the chemical company for just under an hour. The demand is that Dynea, which in the 70s and 80s dumped an unknown number of tonnes of chemical waste from its production, now cleans up after itself and takes its social and moral responsibility.

Worked with the Brånåsen case for almost 3 years

It has almost been 3 years since NMF demanded remediation of the landfill in Brånåsdalen. In the spring of 2018, the NMF reported Skedsmo municipality for violations of both the Pollution Act and the Public Health Act. In the autumn of 2018, the NMF held a public meeting at Brånåsen. Unknown amounts of chemical waste in the landfill In the years 1970 to the end of the landfill in 1991, unknown amounts of waste substances were dumped from Dynea. Then the company sailed under other names. "NMF believes it is not right that Dynea could do this, especially when you see the situation at Brånåsen today"

Fears explosive sewage

NMF is afraid that solvents from the chemical waste will enter the sewer and that, in the worst case, this will go into the air. It is now important to speed up more drastic measures at Brånåsen. Then a chemical investigation under the auspices of Dynea is a place to start, says Kurt Oddekalv, head of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Instead of digging up the shit, the municipality covers up. Status today, 180 million spent, no final and satisfactory solution

According to its own figures, the municipality has spent over NOK 180 million over the last 4 years in connection with the landfill. A large part of the money has been used to buy out a number of residents.  NMF is aware that a park is planned in the area without the poison being removed. This is an out of sight out of mind policy NMF believes is completely insane. Aeration and measurements are still taking place in the landfill. Over several years, residents have experienced, in part, severely deteriorated properties via measures indoors (serious pipe system for extraction and gases), digging in gardens and outdoor areas which have at times looked like they have been affected by war. The case is updated.

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