Stop wind power at Finnskogen

This area is unique in a European context, not least with its large extent, where it embraces both natural landscape and historic cultural buildings. Finnskogleden is a 240 km long hiking route that runs through the border areas between Sweden and Norway, from Morokulien in the south to Søre Osen in the north. The Finnskogen consists of large forest areas on moraine soil and the name comes from Finns who immigrated in the 16th and 17th centuries, settled and farmed.

Finnskogleden has been selected by the Swedish Tourist Association as one of 12 signature routes, and both the Norwegian and Swedish tourist associations cooperate in maintaining the hiking trail. Its unique historical and natural qualities and size have also meant that there has been intensive work on both sides of the border to get it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The development of the wind power plant on Kjølberget in the middle of this area will destroy the area's qualities and forever and always put this work in ruins. That is why it is also important that the whole country now gets behind the campaign to stop this development. We cannot afford to lose such a unique area for an insatiable Europe to get a few extra kilowatts. We already produce significantly more electricity than we use ourselves, and everything we build out now will therefore only be for export.

Support the campaign at Kjølberget, Finnskogen and Finnskogsleden now!

Watch the animated film below:

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