Stangeland promised a reward for vandalism of a banner on Haramsøya - Reported

The management at Stangeland Maskin AS never ceases to surprise.

First, the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association's (NMF) banners in support of Haramsøya on Jæren were cut into pieces. The vandalism was reported. Soon after, when NMF had two containers lifted into place that were to be used to hang up a new banner to replace the ones that were cut into pieces, the group's CEO and owner, Olav Stangeland, got into the car and sought out and knocked down the neighbor who ended up with torn clothes and fractured left thumb.

On the night between 15/8 and 16/8-2020, NMF's banner at the ferry berth on Haramsøya was cut into pieces. What has turned out in retrospect is that an employee of Stangeland Maskin on Haramsøya has, with substantial grounds for suspicion, conveyed a bounty of NOK. NOK 10,000 on behalf of general manager Tommy Stangeland for the vandalism. This is a violation of several sections of the Criminal Code.

The NMF has today reported the conditions, which, among other things, concern serious damage, incitement to an offense and complicity.

NMF's banner was vandalized and cut into pieces on the night of 16/8-2020. Strikingly following the same pattern as the banners on Jæren were destroyed by cutting out the message, but leaving the company logo untouched.

And then it should turn out that it may look like the general manager of Stangeland Maskin AS has promised a bounty for exactly the same damage, via an employee at Haramsøya, as what was actually carried out the night after the message with the bounty was conveyed.

Photo taken of the banner on 15/8, the same day the message was sent.

You can download a redacted version of the report that was delivered to the police, Møre and Romsdal police district here.

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