The Norwegian Environment Protection Association reviews Wilsgård Fish Farming A/S

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association reports Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett A/S, Nor Seafood and Troms County Municipality for the escape of the stated 3,500 farmed salmon from their location 24155 Ytre Jøvik in Berg Municipality in Senja, Troms County Municipality.

It was in December 2017 that Wilsgård fish farming A/S reported a possible escape of farmed salmon from their site Ytre Jøvik in Berg Municipality, which Wilsgård owns together with Nor Seafood and Troms County Municipality. The escape was discovered when the breeder deployed recapture nets to capture 1 pc. salmon that slipped out of the net in connection with deworming the salmon, and caught 2 salmon in the net. Divers were then sent down to check the seine, and discovered a tear in one seine.

The NMF can only smile at such a fanciful explanation of how the escape was discovered. Counting the number of salmon afterwards showed that Wilsgård believes that 3,500 salmon had escaped. A number the NMF obviously strongly doubts. NMF has for many years demanded that all fish farming must take place in closed solutions. It is time for our politicians to realize that such events are not approved by Norway's population. The real wild salmon is in the process of being eradicated because genetic interference from escaped farmed salmon is diluting the real wild salmon stocks.

See the review here.

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