The Norwegian Environment Protection Association strongly opposes the development of protected waterways

Sunnhordaland power plant wants to expand the protected OPO watercourse in Odda municipality. This watercourse has been protected since 1973. The power producer is now trying to sneak into the protected watercourse by simultaneously paying for flood protection.. Flood protection is not the power producer's responsibility. This responsibility rests solely with the Norwegian Government. NMF views this new trend with great concern. Is nothing sacred for either the government or power developers anymore? This must be stopped before we see more such cases of stealth development of our protected waterways.. Norway has per today only 10 % untouched nature left. This is nature that must be protected for the enjoyment of both us and our children. Enough is enough.

Link to untouched nature here:
The daily newspaper

Link to media reports regarding the OPO waterway here:
H-Newspaper/reader's post

Link to consultation response here:
Hearing response PDF

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