NMF in the Storting: U-864 must be investigated for lifting with new technology

Photo: Magne Rommetveit.


Kurt Oddekalv, leader of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and case manager for U-864, Anders Løberg, had a meeting on 5 March 2019 with the Storting representatives from Hordaland in connection with a new investigation into environmental management for U-864. Kurt Oddekalv presented the Environmental Protection Agency's information regarding the condition of the mercury submarine.

The conclusion was that when new technology for raising the mercury cargo and subsequent covering is to be investigated, it is also important that new technology for raising the wreckage with the mercury in the cargo keel is investigated. The cargo keel and mercury bottles are probably in very good condition having been protected in the mud since 1945.

We hope that the Hordaland representatives will put forward the proposal for raising the wreckage and full clean-up, says Kurt Oddekalv in the Environmental Protection Association.

To the Storting representatives: NMF recommends lifting

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