NMF reports Moss' mayor and Bane Nor for future violations of the Criminal Code's environmental legislation

Image: Demolition of a district in Moss for the construction of a new railway in an area exposed to quicksand.


In connection with the progress of a new railway through Moss in Østfold, it has emerged that the solution chosen by the Municipality and the developer will go in an area prone to quick clay. NMF is aware that this risk has not been captured in analyzes and the planning work on the part of the municipality and developer Bane Nor.

With this as a background, we see ourselves as having to notify the wider community by reporting the actors to the police, as there could potentially be a danger to both life, material values and nature and environmental interests, - says regional manager of the Eastern Norway Environmental Protection Association Jan-Hugo Holten.

It is important to get the police authorities involved in cases where a development may risk the aforementioned consequences. The police's investigators are too little familiar with environmental legislation, which we see in several cases where the decisions in cases are tendentious.

Since the spring of 2018, NMF Østlandet has been involved in the progress of the line through Moss as part of a new Østfold line. NMF is skeptical about the choice of solution, not only because of the danger associated with a poorly investigated solution in relation to quick clay, but also because the chosen solution is outdated and rests on political processes far back in time.

In recent years, NMF has reviewed several rail projects and registers that time has run out on some of the proposed solutions. This means that track solutions must be revised and updated, says Holten, who expects a serious review of the report.

Read the review here.

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