NMF strongly opposes Grieg Seafood's application for a new farming location

Farming facilities spew environmental toxins into the sea.

Emission figures for all facilities in 2015:

1,100 tonnes of copper impregnation from the nets, 4-6 times more than from bottom material from leisure boats before this was banned in the 80s.
60,000 tonnes of nitrogen, which is twice as much as if all farmers had driven the livestock manure straight into the fjords.
10,000 tonnes of Phosphorus, which corresponds to approx. 75% of Norway's phosphorus emissions. Phosphorus is the basis for plants to grow. The world's phosphorus resources are expected to be depleted in 50 years.
5 tonnes of azamethifos, 5 tonnes of Diflubenzuron and 3 tonnes of Teflubenzuron.
Like everyone else, lice poisons are used in the fight against salmon lice, and which of course also kill other shell-changing animals in the sea.
43,000 tonnes of hydrogen peroxide were also used in the fight against salmon lice.

This is a corrosive substance that is said to be environmentally friendly, as it dissolves into Hydrogen and Oxygen when released into the sea. But it turns out that the dissolution time can be several days, so that other crustaceans that come into contact with this substance before it dissolves also die.

Read the full Hearing objection here.

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