Notification of an unknown source for release of the fish species Perch in Lille Lungegårdsvannet

After receiving photos of the fish species Perch fished in Lille Lungegardsvannet in the center of Bergen, the Environment Protection Association has today reported an unknown perpetrator for the illegal spread of an alien species in Western Norway.

In recent years, the perch has been spread into several waters and waterways in the Bergen region, which can have very serious consequences for the ecological composition in the places where it is introduced. Both the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the legislation take this very seriously, and in the future we will report all new attempts to spread alien species of fish into rivers, waters and waterways in the region.

Lille Lungegardsvannet is, in isolation, something special in this context, as apart from eels, there are no species there that spread naturally. But it is our fear that the danger of further spread increases dramatically as the prevalence increases. We therefore regard the stocking of Lille Lungegardsvannet as just as serious as stocking in one of the region's other waterways.

See review here.

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