Rambøll gossips own CVs in the team investigating new technology for handling U-864

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has received information from the Coastal Administration about, among other things, the consulting company Rambøll and Sea Mar (part-owned by DOF), where the CVs of the team are slandered.

This is contrary to our right to public information, - says Jan Hugo Holten, case manager for oil and marine operations at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. We are asking for an overview of the competence of the actors who will be investigating one of the worst pollution cases today, and then we are not satisfied that the CVs are tarnished. The Swedish Environmental Protection Association has done some searches on LinkedIn, where many of the participants have a competence overview/CV.

In a letter, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has asked Prime Minister Erna Solberg to relieve the Norwegian Coastal Administration of responsibility for U-864.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has shown that they have limited expertise, and have also chosen the wrong course from the start when it comes to environmental management of U-864. The responsibility must be assigned to a multidisciplinary team with expertise in pollution and subsea operations, which reports directly to the Prime Minister's office.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has dealt with the submarine case for 16 years, and used state resources of over NOK 260 million, without being able to acquire any knowledge about the condition of the mercury bottles which are packed in two large parts in the cargo keel of the submarine wreck U-864, - says Kurt Oddekalv, leader of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

This is very serious, when experts on the submarine can show that it has rather been "cut" in two. The top of the submarine, i.e. the turret with the snorkel has been blown off from the torpedo, and thus the keel may have been broken in two, and very few mercury bottles have fallen out. It explains that there are places in the wreck area that are more polluted as the loose bottles have partly cracked and rusted and caused pollution on the surface of the seabed.

Lifting is safe, and there is new technology which means that it is secured against the leakage of metallic mercury into the environment. Technology and concepts for raising U-864 must therefore be investigated. A possible tender for subsea operators must include raising the wreck, says Jan Hugo Holten.

We are also concerned that someone with a doctorate in philosophy and a master's degree in fish behaviour, without experience in project management on subsea operations, should lead the investigation, - says Jan Hugo Holten.


Read the letter to the Prime Minister that the Norwegian Coastal Administration must be stripped of responsibility for U-864:

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See a selection of sloppy CVs at Rambøll and Sea Mar:

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