The Environmental Protection Association presents its animation series against wind power in Norway

The first film in the series is about Frøya, where the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has already been involved in a victory, to stop wind power development because the municipal council in Frøya said no. The wind power animation will continue to come in new variants as we run campaigns in various places in Norway, says Kurt Oddekalv, head of the Environmental Protection Association. The film addresses, among other things, harsh criticism of NVE, which gives out licenses to get as much Norwegian nature as possible built out. We will fight against the destruction, says Kurt Oddekalv.

On 1 April, Kurt gave the director of NVE (Kjetil Lund) a new profile handbook for the entire NVE. This is in line with NVE's new profile, – incompetent?, corrupt? and incompetent? Kurt says that after 35 years, he has never experienced such poor case management as NVE has done on wind power in Norway. Therefore, the profile handbook has also been sent to all employees in NVE.

This as part of the boxing glove strategy against NVE.

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