Tingvoll municipality supports the Environmental Protection Association's landfill work with NOK 100,000

The chairmanship in Tingvoll municipality on Tuesday gave Ap mayor Milly Bente Nørsett the authority to spend up to NOK 100,000 - in yet another attempt to stop the plans for a landfill for hazardous waste at Raudsand in Nesset. The newspaper writes that Demands of the times .

Nørsett is also a board member of the organization "I choose a non-toxic Nesset", and will now contact nearby municipalities to collect more money.

The money will go to support the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association and lead Kurt Oddekalv's fight against the landfill. NRK has been in contact with the company Bergmesteren Raudsand, which is working to get the landfill in place. They wish not to comment on the case.

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