The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency asks Elvestuen to withdraw the KU for Brevik (Dalen Gruver)

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association asks the ministry to withdraw KU one and take note of the association's request to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs of 27 March 2018 to entrust further work with a suitable landfill solution to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and State Building. This is evident from NMF's consultation statement to KU one for Brevik. NMF's statement was sent to the ministry today.

Gas formation, escape of toxic heavy metals and leakage scrap the Brevik alternative
The KU for Brevik is, as a document, extremely deficient in terms of forming a basis for further processing of the government's wishes for a special waste landfill in Dalen gruver in Brevik, says the case manager for Brevik in the NMF Jan-Hugo Holten. Failure to account for gas formations in the waste at the end of the landfill and the consequences of this is one of the heavy reasons why the KU must be considered unusable as a basic document. Leakage and leakage are another, which will lead to the spread of toxic heavy metals during disposal.

Already in 2016, NMF asked the government to look away from Brevik as an alternative after inspecting NOAH. In a letter to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs this spring, NMF asked that the state itself take responsibility for building a landfill in a suitable location. It clearly and clearly assumes that you look away from the two options you ended up with. Brevik and Raudsand. That is why we have asked the government to take the job from KLD as the process they ran ended up with the worst imaginable locations, which says a lot about the competence of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, says Holten.

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