Against choice!

The parliamentary election is fast approaching and many people ask which party I and the Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency think is the best alternative. This is difficult to answer, but at the same time it is actually easy. Which party suits each individual is not for us to answer, our party political independence is important to us, but, vote for the environment!

This general election must focus on the environment. Hardly any issues are more important, the environmental crises are next in line. One more serious than the other. What everyone has in common is that we can do something, and we can actually stop the negative development, but we must act now. It does not necessarily mean that you have to vote for traditional environmental parties such as Red, MDG or SV, there are good people with good environmental intentions in all parties, but they must be voted forward.

Which party is best in this respect depends entirely on the individual's overall beliefs, but, when I am asked, I advise voting for the environment, and I believe that this is best done by voting for the party that, as a whole, pursues a policy that matches your own environmental thinking. As long as you use the ballot paper to front the environment as an important issue, you are doing it right, regardless of which party you vote for. This is how we can make the whole of political Norway greener. We get the big established parties and the heavy politics (with nuances) regardless of who wins. It is then that we as voters can ensure that the good individuals and smaller political parties get decisive votes and great influence.

Personally, I think Norway would benefit from a change of government, and I think it is urgently important to get as many "green" voices as possible into position. For me, for example, issues such as "No to wind industry on land and at sea", stopping the loss of nature and getting the farming industry into closed systems are important issues in the voting table. So far I have found only one party that looks like they front the right sides of the issues I mentioned, but there are several acceptable environmental choices, even if we as environmentalists have to work a little harder in some cases. So I know in which direction my vote will go. Not because I necessarily think Moxnes, Bastholm or Lysbakken would make a good prime minister, but because these and the parties they lead have an important and absolutely necessary voice for the environment in the time to come and all the direction choices that must be made in Norwegian politics.

Nobody knows what will happen on the environmental front if/when there is a change of government, but the more people who vote for the environment, the safer we are.

Both national and international politics are governed today by the constant pursuit of economic and material growth. This does not benefit nature, biological diversity, natural resources or those who come after us.
That Norway, and the rest of the world, is in the middle of a climate and nature crisis has long been well known by our politicians, but little has been done to stop this development. That is A lot has been done, also with a "green stamp", but very often we see that the term green has been misused and that the goal is constant economic growth and more industry, not a greener and more environmentally friendly future. The result is increasing cases of extreme weather and large losses of untouched nature, biological diversity and topsoil.

Many have caught on and reacted to the recently presented report from the UN which states that increasing extreme weather worldwide is due to man-made climate change.
The report is unfortunately not the first and is unlikely to be the last in the series. In fact, the reports are so numerous, and warn against both an upcoming climate crisis and, not to forget, a natural crisis that is at least as dramatic.

The governments that do not take this seriously now will write themselves into the history books as those who knew, but chose to continue the party a little longer, at the expense of our children. We therefore need as many green votes as possible, from all political parties, into parliament as soon as possible. Everything indicates that the party lions in the major parties must be forced into a more environmentally friendly future.

Good choice everyone, use your vote, and use it wisely, it is now that we make the choices that secure our nature and us a future!

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