Wind power - do we save CO2 and do we have space?

We pepper the mountain home with wind turbines, and call it "climate-friendly". Here are some short films that easily show how wrong this claim is. The climate accounting will in fact very likely go into the red, when this accounting is done by someone who really cares about nature.


Wind power - are we saving CO2?
How much energy does wind power actually provide, in a global context? Does this energy really contribute to any reduction in CO2 emissions? The answer is no, partly because the quota system in the EU - something Zero and all good politicians should have been aware of, already when they advocated subsidizing wind power in Norway.

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Wind power - do we have space?
Wind power contributes a completely insignificant amount of the world's energy consumption - even when we now have over 200,000 wind turbines in the world. But how many wind turbines would we have to have built a year, for wind power to be able to reduce our consumption of fossil energy sources? And how much space would it take?

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