When are you, County Commissioner Knut Storberget, going to intervene?

To the County Governor in the Interior Knut Storberget.

We now put our trust in you and your people in the County Commissioner's Office in the Interior. When all other leads have been followed in this case, most recently at the strange incident in the municipal council meeting in Våler on 27 May where the mayor ran over his fellow politicians and councillor, we see no other solutions to the destruction that is now happening in Finnskogen and on Kjølberget.

The decision that was made on 27 May has now been appealed by several different organizations as well as by the minority in Våler municipal council.

The Finnskogen is, as NMF sees it, worthy of protection for several reasons and must not be developed as Austri Vind now envisions together with its business partner Våler municipality led by Mayor Inger Lise Svenkerud. In its letter to the municipality and with a copy to your people, the NMF has asked that the municipality be placed under supervision. It is a serious matter and has its origins in the work the municipality has done recently in dealing with the wind power case. Work that is so grave, unlawful and characterized by incompetence on the part of the mayor and administration that it goes beyond the legal certainty of those affected by the development. That in itself is serious.

In its 26 years, NMF has rarely seen such serious abuses on the part of a small municipality as what we have witnessed in recent months from Våler municipality. The little hope we had when the councilor tried to do his job ahead of the municipal council meeting on 20 May with his proposal which, if implemented, would stop the work, was crushed by the manipulation of the entire complex by the mayor afterwards. In front of his elected colleagues in the municipal board in Våler.

The NMF "knows" you as a former minister for the justice sector as a law-abiding person who knows where the country should lie. We assume that you have caught up with the dispute over Finnskogen via the media in recent weeks and months. It is urgent now that there is illegal digging and logging in the planning area. The municipality and the developer have been reported to the police for environmental crime. But the police refuse to touch the matter.

This matter is going to create deep and incurable wounds in the population of the region if it does not now get on the right track. We now have expectations that you and your people will arrive on the pitch as soon as possible.

Kurt Oddekalv, Manager
Jan-Hugo Holten, Regional Manager Eastern Norway
Green Warriors of Norway

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