Norway has more energy than we need

The biggest nature intervention of our time is happening now! But it's not too late to stop it. 50% of Norway's land area is mapped for wind power development.
We only have 12% wilderness nature left.

Norway is divided into 43 mapping areas, on 1 April 15-20 of these areas have been selected as highly relevant for wind power development. Many of these areas have already been mapped by power producers. Land-based ventry into force razes threatened Norwegian nature forever. Unspoiled nature has an inestimable intrinsic value and belongs to our descendants and eternity. 800-metre road per mill! Up to 250 meter high mills in clusters of up to 100!

Norway has power surplus/more energy than we need already. We sell the wind power plants to foreign companies pension fund. Norwegian households and businesses pay for foreign companies to earn money through the green certificates/the electricity certificates. Submarine cables for the sale of the enormous surplus of nature-destroying electrical energy from wind power that we generate have already been laid and are planned to be laid.

Are we really so naive that we are willing to pay with nature and kroner for other countries to escape their climate and environmental obligations as well as the degradation of their own nature? And for a bunch of people and companies to enrich themselves?


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